It’s not everyday you see the transport of something so large as a 66,000-pound fuel tank moving through the streets of L.A. ROW Moves 66,000-pound fuel tank

But when something this massive needs to be moved, Right of Way, Inc. and sister company, WCS Permits can get it to its destination safely.

In 2012, Right of Way, Inc. and WCS Permits provided permits and traffic control throughout several Southern California counties and cities for the transport of a 340-ton boulder from Riverside County to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass” exhibit.

In May, Right of Way, Inc. will provide the traffic safety, including street closures, removal of street signs and electrical wiring and the proper traffic and pedestrian control, to move a 66,000-pound fuel tank to the California Science Center from Marina del Rey where it will arrive via tugboat after sailing from New Orleans.

The tank is referred to as a ET-94 and is the giant external fuel tank the Endeavour rode piggyback into space. It is the last of its kind in existence, and when NASA donated it last year the plans to reunite the tank with Endeavour began.

Like with the move of the 340-ton boulder, also known as “The Rock,” Right of Way and WCS will work with Emmert International, the specialized transportation company engineering the heavy haul transport and the device the tank will make its move on.

After a slow trek through the Panama Canal, the tank will arrive on May 18 at Fisherman’s Village in Marina del Rey. Emmert and Right of Way will be ready for the its journey on wheels.

It is expected to make way three days later, and will travel primarily on streets, with a short stint on the 90 freeway, for 16-18 hours. It is only 16.5 miles from Marina del Rey to the Science Center, but it cannot exceed 5 mph.

Although the fuel tank is less than half the weight of Endeavour, it is longer, and will require some street closures and the re-positioning of utility wires and temporary removal of traffic lights, all orchestrated by Right of Way.

Right of Way and WCS are experienced in superload transport. Not only have they assisted with the 340-ton boulder and this 66,000-pound tank, but they have moved some of California’s largest loads. In 2011, WCS moved four loads, each carrying an expired steamed generator, from San Onofre, CA to Clive, UT. These were the heaviest loads, all exceeding 1.5 million-pounds, to ever travel on California roads. WCS provided the permits and Right of Way the traffic safety in California.