The giant fuel tank that made a journey halfway across the nation, arrived yesterday at Marina del Rey’s Fuel Tank Move to California Science Center Begins Fisherman’s Village.

Commonly referred to as, ET-94, traveled from NASA’s New Orleans manufacturing plant by barge last month, passed through the Panama Canal, hugged the coast of Central America and went through customs in San Diego before arriving in Marina del Rey.

It’s next voyage, a 12-mile road trip to the California Science Center will begin this weekend, with the help of Right of Way.

After months of planning with the load’s carrier and obtaining permits from local jurisdiction, ROW is ready to maintain the public’ safety for the approximately 18-hour trek through Playa del Rey, Westchester, Inglewood and South Los Angeles.

Much more goes into moving something this big and uniquely shaped than what most can even image. The fuel tank has loaded dimensions of 209-feet long, by 30-feet wide, by 35-11 feet tall, with a total weight of 224,000 pounds, which means not just any route can sustain it. Not only that, it is a unique cone-shaped tank.

Right of Way will remove necessary street lights & signalsROW was involved in planning the removal of any necessary street and highway signs, traffic signals and electrical lines along its route, as well as obtaining the necessary permits required by local jurisdiction to not only travel, but to ensure the planned route can handle the weight and size of the load.

Once the permits were obtained, ROW began working with the carrier, Emmert International to clear and shut down specific roads along the route, particularly highway 90 and Lincoln Blvd in Marina del Rey, where the orange tank will begin the drive.

Additionally, ROW is involved in the traffic and pedestrian control during the approximately 18-hour move to the science center. Much like other large popular loads ROW has been involved in – the move of the Levitated Mass to LACMA and the Road Train move from San Onofre to Utah – much fanfare is expected, and keeping the public at a safe distance is important.

Once the fuel tank arrives safely at the California Science Center, it will be displayed with the space shuttle Endeavor.

For some real-time updates on the load’s move to the science center, follow ROW on Facebook and Twitter at and @rightofwayinc.